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On the Rampant Divisiveness and Separation in Society


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Control ALL Information to Cultivate an Ill-Informed Electorate

SJWs Attempt to Stop Bad Shit From Happening by Decimating Free Speech.

8chan, one of the last bastions of free speech that was left on the internet has been the latest casualty of the SJW mobs. SKIP to FULL Article... (Yup. More was added on 2019-10-01)

Well, it’s been ten days since Freedom of Speech was yet again shat upon by yet another virtue-signalling conformer to SJW mob mentality, Matthew Prince of CloudFlare. While FreedomZine mourns any loss of life through senseless acts of violence, we also mourn any loss of Freedom through senseless acts of reactionary curtailment of freedom of speech. If you haven’t heard, 8chan, a psuedonymous image board where anybody could post legal content, according to U.S. law, was blamed for a shooting in El Paso; one in which the shooter had no apparent connection with 8chan whatsoever, other than Matthew Prince jumping to conclusions and placing blame on a popular forum for free speech, 8chan, because – reasons… (mostly because, bad things happen, and Matthew probably did not want to miss this opportunity to virtue signal before his upcoming IPO.) Matthew Prince supposedly supports free speech, at least he says he does; however, it is clear by his own words and deeds, that Matthew merely wants to fashion himself as yet another SJW arbiter on what kinds of free speech are just plain too icky for anybody to avail oneself of, much less be allowed to have recourse to.

While most of us can agree that rules surrounding freedoms of any kind should, can, and will be made; we can mostly also agree that humans have probably never disagreed more on what kinds of freedoms should be regulated, and in what ways. Maturity and experience teach us that freedom often needs rules, especially when dealing with multifarious and multitudinous personas presenting themselves in various and sundry ways. In fact, both authenticity and freedom-of-expression often demand conformity to certain agreed-upon guidelines for behavior. The lessons now being learned by the internet-at-large, and social-media in general, were rehashed and larnt over and over again, by hordes of seething “anons”, on pseudonymous image boards, long ago…

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Autobot Posting Shit Again

FreedomZine Starts a Brighteon Video Channel | FreedomZine INTRO to Intro


Yup. FreedomZine has started it's own Brighteon Video Channel. We hope to do a lot more soon, and with ever increasing quality. Our first video was, well, it was an INTRO to an Intro, and we will get the rest of the Intro done as soon as we can. We're still learning new skills... You may enjoy some of our other videos. Here's one... Animal Impressions by Daisy with Johnny Neptune & Just-Kiss-It. Here's another... OANN Jack & th' 8chan Crack. And another... JKI-Orates; Candace Obliterates. (We even got a Viewer Discretion Advisory Panel added to that one by Brighteon, so we must be doing something right!)

Condolences for the Norwegian mosque victims from Jim Watkins of 8chan


This statement from Jim Watkins of 8chan kinda speaks for itself. That, and his unbearably ugly mustache! I can't believe he is actually sporting that nasty thing on his way to go see the Department of Homeland Security!

Page of T.H.O.T.

...The viewpoint of 'That.Hen.Over.There.' is more free-range than penned in or controlled. She likes to have the freedom to wander where she wills, and she hasn't lived this long by being a complete idiot (despite rumors to the contrary). Chickens are actually quite smart! And loyal. They don't need a lot of rules, as they already know where the roost is...

You Know You Want To!

'Just-Kiss-It' is focused on writing several articles and creating several websites right now, besides building computers, learning and educating himself in many subjects, and being a general pain in the neck wherever he goes. Writing a blurb about himself for FreedomZine, while high on the list, is still below the level he can stretch to at this moment. Expect more soon from ... 'Just-Kiss-It'

Johnny Neptune
Asshole Extraordinaire

...Johnny Neptune is the name I choose to call myself, and most people, including my own mother, have been calling me either Johnny Neptune, or 'Neppy', for almost half a century. Yes, It's a persona. Yes, it's contrived. Aren't all personas 'contrived'? Many people spend their lives attached to the personas provided for them by circumstance. I choose to create my own persona, like we all actually do, really...

Kill Censorship
Killcen's Krazy Konspiracy Korner

...Some Folks call me paranoid... Others say I'm one of the few posting REAL News on 8chan. Lately I've been getting hassled a lot by many people, so must be getting pretty close to the truth. I'd like to thank FreedomZine for giving me the opportunity to help spread the word about threats to our FREEDOM....