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Well, it’s been ten days since Freedom of Speech was yet again shat upon by yet another virtue-signalling conformer to SJW mob mentality, Matthew Prince of CloudFlare. While FreedomZine mourns any loss of life through senseless acts of violence, we also mourn any loss of Freedom through senseless acts of reactionary curtailment of freedom of speech. If you haven’t heard, 8chan, a psuedonymous image board where anybody could post legal content, according to U.S. law, was blamed for a shooting in El Paso; one in which the shooter had no apparent connection with 8chan whatsoever, other than Matthew Prince jumping to conclusions and placing blame on a popular forum for free speech, 8chan, because – reasons… (mostly because, bad things happen, and Matthew probably did not want to miss this opportunity to virtue signal before his upcoming IPO.) Matthew Prince supposedly supports free speech, at least he says he does; however, it is clear by his own words and deeds, that Matthew merely wants to fashion himself as yet another SJW arbiter on what kinds of free speech are just plain too icky for anybody to avail oneself of, much less be allowed to have recourse to.

While most of us can agree that rules surrounding freedoms of any kind should, can, and will be made; we can mostly also agree that humans have probably never disagreed more on what kinds of freedoms should be regulated, and in what ways. Maturity and experience teach us that freedom often needs rules, especially when dealing with multifarious and multitudinous personas presenting themselves in various and sundry ways. In fact, both authenticity and freedom-of-expression often demand conformity to certain agreed-upon guidelines for behavior. The lessons now being learned by the internet-at-large, and social-media in general, were rehashed and larnt over and over again, by hordes of seething “anons”, on pseudonymous image boards, long ago…

There are many boards on 8chan, (thousands actually), where many topics are discussed (including https://8ch.net/freedomzine/); and each board makes its own rules and moderates itself, cultivating its own relationship with ‘freeze peach’. Global moderation also takes place site-wide to make sure content is complying with United States law, because the U.S.A. is where the servers are located, and some other legal corporate mumbo jumbo that giraffes like me could give a flying fuck about; but I guess the whole argument really boils down to whether or not 8chan is actually ‘causing harm’ of a violent nature to anybody – and that could definitely be a matter of opinion – and a definition of terms. For example, Matthew Prince describes 8chan as a “cesspool of hate”. If any group of people could be described as a “cesspool of hate” it is these controllers of public discourse, arbiters of ‘morality’, deciders of what is right and wrong, what can and can’t be said, what should be legal or not, what kind of words are allowed, etc, etc, ad infinitum, because the mob can never slake its thirst for enforced conformity, no matter how much fervor for mediocrity is whipped up… When bad things happen we, as humans, wonder why, and look around for someone to blame. But even the very word “blame” belieth its true meaning in its spelling; b-lame – for blame causeth the one casting blame to be lame. And as a society we be lame. That goes for all of us. We damn sure got one helluva hitch in our giddyup right now, some might say; and we may not all agree on which way to proceed, but I think we can all agree that it will be dificult to move forward until everyone at least calms the fuck down a bit…

The worst part about conformity is not that conformists are extremely prevalent. They are. (In fact, the vast majority of all humans are conformists) But conformists also try to drag even authenticists down into their cesspit of conformity (usually merely for conformity’s sake too!) with them. It’s sick really. (((They))) always try to force others, and curtail their freedoms, “for their own good”, “for the sake of the children”, or some other such nonsense; and the attitude is everywhere – you can’t escape it. Anything that does not fit one’s chosen pet ideology can be castigated as evil, sick, hateful, etc… and we all do it. I did it three sentences ago myself! (Except that I’m not trying to get anyone to pursue any kind of ideology other than authenticity.) Let me tell you a little bit about conformists and the danger they present. Mob rules. Social Justice Warriors. Modern day witch-hunters. You know who they remind me of??? /pol/tards. That’s right! The ‘far right’ and the ‘far left’ look exactly the same to any logical thinker right now! Modern day feminists, misogynist incels, neo-nazis, Antifa – they’re all on the same side; the side of division, hatred, separation, fake moral outrage and enforced ‘morality’. These types establish absolute control of any opposition by utterly decimating them both financially and personally, painting their ‘personas’ as evil, hateful, or whatever other publicly frowned-upon activity that they themselves are most likely actually currently engaging in. These tactics have been used for millenia as a means for the elite to control the majority; but now, with the full power of the state, the easily swayed and fickle public is made to ‘react’ in the manner of livestock – all opinions are controlled, as are the vehicles for communication, all media – and these opinions are dispatched explosively, with the full power of the mob behind them; or if successfully legislated, the state.

The reason why the voice of Freedom is speaking now, and why it should be heard, is precisely because the anti-Freedom-side is squawking so loudly. Places like /pol/ are obnoxious as fuck, but they cannot be legislated out of existence. Every chan has tried. Now the internet is going through what the pseudononymous image boards like 8chan did many years ago – learning how to deal with fake news, obnoxious trolls, hateful ideologies, animal abuse, gore, pedoshit, etc. There have always been young people who will use language generally considered to be ‘offensive’ merely to fit in with their own chosen group, even if it is a group of outcastes and supposed non-conformists. They will use words that “trigger” little pansy snowflakes, not only to troll them, but yes, many of them actually believe in the hateful ideologies they espouse. Oh yeah, they fucking hate Jews and ‘niggers’. And you’ve got to hear about it every five fucking words too! It’s tiring, exhausting really. Not even remotely “horrifying”. More pathetic than anything else. And conformist as fuck! Of course, anons cannot agree on what those terms, or any other, mean, but they do agree that everyone has the right to use any terminology they so choose, and also be willing to take the judgements that come with said use also, as long as those judgements are delivered in a just and fair manner. True story – ‘Just-Kiss-It’ used to visit 8chan every day, but rarely went to /pol/ because it is such a sewage pit. Protip : The only board worse than /pol/ is /leftypol/. Just-Kiss-It personally, however, does not conform to a left-right paradigm, and neither does FreedomZine. FreedomZine supports Freedom, and activities that promote personal freedom, responsibility, authenticity and integrity; and we feel we have no choice but to speak up when Freedom of any kind is threatened; especially when the forces allied against said freedoms are so strong and so loud. Someone has to be the voice of reason in the room, the one who does not shout, “Crucify Him!”, who does not cry for heads to roll! Hilarious it turns out to be me. I guess everything always comes down to personal responsibility after all. There is far more being lashed at stake here than simple freedoms of speech soon to be burnt into ashes. Shortly the thought police will punish all wrong-think in new and terrifying ways, and no one will be immune from ideologies being enforced at the point of a gun. Does it really matter whose ideology is being enforced, or who is holding the gun?

We who are now at FreedomZine saw the writing on the wall when that asshole in NZ shot up (not surprisingly) a den of conformity-enforcers, killing innocent people merely in conformance to his own hateful ideology. He not only posted his bullshit to Fakebook and one of many thousands of 8chan boards, but scores of other conformist idiots on many boards actually applauded his actions, (including some on a board ‘we’ frequented, namely https://8ch.net/n/). Disagreements over crappy moderation and over the recognized need to tone down racial and religious intolerance rhetoric, coupled with differences caused by years of certain egoic protection of personas (thanks a lot, ‘fake’ Killcen!), led to the birth of FreedomZine.hashbase.io &&& >>>/freedomzine/! We’re all about freedom, not pushing ideologies, or any certain agendas. We don’t have any axe to grind but FREEDOM. Until a couple weeks ago we were busying ourselves on the >>>/freedomzine/ board. ‘We’, as in, Just-Kiss-It, THOT, Johnny Neptune, REAL Killcen, (sac), and possibly even several of the ‘10,000 /n/ lurkers’! ‘Just-Kiss-It’ has also been writing up a storm, most of it unpalatable to the ‘normie’ masses, so it will blossom in other ways. Speaking of dissemination of content, ‘Just-Kiss-It’ has also been (besides talking about himself in the third person), giraffing around on the new FreedomZine Brighteon Channel Check it out.


While the somewhat beloved wizardchan-reject and leprechaun-cripple-extraordinaire, ’Hotwheels’ Frederick Brennan, may hold sway in some quarters, we in the freedom-of-speech community have long known that he has been, (even more so as of late), dabbling in the dark arts of blame and personification of ‘evil’. This is evidenced by ‘Hotwheels’ associating 8chan with violence in his own mind and making connections where there aren’t any…

“Shut the site down,” Mr. Brennan said in an interview. “It’s not doing the world any good. It’s a complete negative to everybody except the users that are there. And you know what? It’s a negative to them, too. They just don’t realize it.”

Besides the fact that that is probably a true statement, who is he to decide how adults choose to spend their time? Besides the fact that the El Paso shooting had nothing to do 8chan, and the shooter did not even post there, and besides the fact that the ’persona’ known as "8chan" has never shot anybody – something bad has happened, and ‘Hotwheels’, it seems, wants to blame someone besides the perpetrator. Even after 8chan had been removed from the interwebz for a week, people and journalists like the New York Times were still blaming 8chan for every new violence. Many view all horrific tragedies as perfect opportunities to push an ideological agenda that often results in more overt centralized control over the populace, and hence, more pushback. It’s not a very pretty cycle.

As of right now, 8chan is offline voluntarily, but will be back up and running in no time. Jim Watkins, owner of 8chan, is currently complying with a Department of Homeland Security Request

Department of Homeland Security request pic

for his presence, which pretty much meant he had to travel from the Philippines to America, and after presenting himself, mustache and all, he says he will put 8chan back online, I’m assuming with new DDoS protection…

screenshot of his ridiculous mustache

Also, LOL… Cloudflare says cutting off customers like 8chan is an IPO ‘risk factor’ Always about the money, huh? It seems there were (((other))) factors at play here after all…

Gonna wrap this article up for now and post it while it’s still timely; but I’m quite sure that more arbiters of morality will stomp on more freedoms in the future, and FreedomZine plans on making more statements; even in this risky climate where we are liable to be attacked and labelled as spreading the hateful ideology of Freedom of Speech, and Freedom in general! Will we have Freedom from Tyranny? Freedom from the insane mob? They’ll attack anything that does not conform to their ideologies (which they cannot even see as the hateful ideologies they are – ideologies they would prefer to see enforced at the point of a gun, legislated by the state; but they are also happy to completely destroy anyone’s entire life, economically, socially, emotionally, legally, any way they can – to enforce their ideologies – (the same way I destroyed that sentence – with apathy). It’s always ‘for the children’ or some other such nonsense too, as though you could keep bad shit from happening by bullying folks, or legislating what people think or say. Group-think, mob mentality, identity politics, inhibition of all civil exchange of ideas, only political correctness is allowed and enforced. ‘Safe Spaces’ were always a bad idea. Safe spaces inhibit education and learning. Fuck ‘intellectual safe spaces’ and ‘trigger warnings’.

The REAL World is NOT a Safe Space.

‘Just-Kiss-It’ agrees that not all speech should be ‘protected’ ( whatever the fuck ‘protected speech’ even means anymore!) Why? Because the vast majority of people are stupid as fuck and will blindly follow anyone who works their emotions up a little and directs them in certain ways. The elite corporate power structure knows this and uses the media and mob mentality to consolidate more power and to destroy all opposition to their tightening control.

But, you know what ???


…and it won’t get any better with red flag laws either. You can’t keep bad shit from happening by turning your society into a Stasi-like narc-on-your-neighbor police-state.

That’s enough out of me… For now…

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The Latest News and Conjecturings Regarding the Future of 8chan...


8ch.net is still offline, and may never come back in a recognizable way at that, or any other location.

Alright. Truthfully, FreedomZine has not paid much attention to what plans Jim,or Ron Watkins, or anybody else has in store for 8chan. Because very few people actually know (including, most likely, all those actually involved in the decision-making processes), there are many wild theories and conjectures about the future of 8chan in particular, and psuedonymous image boards in general. We will do our level-best to add to your confusion...

So, where are we getting our information from? Well, I'm not saying that Jim Watkins himself has contacted us. (But he damn sure may want to before our upcoming INTERVIEW with him!) Nope. Most of our information has come through 'other sources'; including those 'truly evil' sources out there, such as social media -- sources like Twatter. And you know how fucked up all media is right now; especially social media!

Here's what we know. Hotwheels, Fredrick Brennan, has a Twatter account at HW_BEAT_THAT, wherein he talks a lot of shit and pretends to know much whilst simultaneously pretending to know nothing. Pretty 'par-for-the-course' for Hotwheels nowadays, really. Still, insightful perusers may be able to glean a bit more by reading in-between the lines...


Just a quick FreedomZine comment...

Q-Tards Will NOT Be Allowed to Take ALL of 8chan. Mark My Words.

Besides Hotwheels putting his dietary deprecation and disgusting rotundity on display, he also seems to have lost his ever-lovin' mind if he thinks that 'moar control' will stop bad shit from happening! And Q-Tards ??? If you had to lump them all together, I think applying the term 'Conformist Conspiritards' would be most apt. (Tell us what you really think, 'Just-Kiss-It'!) Seriously though, being an insufferable Christfag is one thing, but actually applauding changing 8chan into Qchan for Qfags is completely nonsensical. Not only will the 'new' 8ch be forever trolled, it would NEVER be anything close to 'WORTH IT'. Q-fuckers were left alone by the majority of the userbase when they had their own hugbox, just like the /christian/ and /eris/ boards were generally left alone too (well, maybe not the best examples, but you get the idea...) And, speaking of Eris... Most Q-fags (just like most people in general) wouldn't know an 'Operation Mindfuck' if it was staring them right in the fucking face -- and it is -- and it will continue to do so. As far as 8chan goes, Q-tards can have their own board, but they cannot have 8chan. You can't get more 'normie' on 8chan than Q-tards do. And you know how 'oldfags' treat 'normies'! Q-shits have no idea what will befall them if this colossal fool, Tom Riedel, has his SanFran FagChan druthers. Speaking of fags, let me self-identify for a second... Why do 'oldfags' like us even matter? Because we're the only ones who truly know and remember why anonymity is important. More on that in a little bit.

And just who is this 'Tomcat'? (Tom Riedel, of NT Technology) @LustRazor ? Well, other than him being the 'mane maan' at NT Technology, which pretty much runs 8chan's servers stateside out of San Francisco, I can't think of a single reason why his opinion matters whatsoever; unless his opinion is that of a user. The only things I found of interest on his Twatter account at all were a couple pics I turned into this...


ChodeMonkey, Ron Watkins, Jim's son @CodeMonkeyZ also said very little out of his twat about 8chan's imminent return; but at least he is probably busying himself doing something more important than handgladding with persona-protecting twits.

So, what are we left with? Are Jim and Ron seriously, unironically, going to leave it up to Hateful Hotwheels to get 8chan's message out, or do their publicity work for them? I mean, 'Just-Kiss-It' knows just as much about public image and persona as anybody else; and he has an unbiased, yet troll-like approach that is beyond reproach, (because who could hate a giraffe?) So, FreedomZine recommends that either Jim or Ron contact us soon, before FreedomZine begins publishing the more troll-like 'Interviews with Jim' that we are sure to waste time 'faking' soon (that is, if we don't get the REAL Scoop!) We could all have fun, and Jim & Ron could get messages out the way they want to, without being tied to 'us' whatsoever (because who would let a giraffe speak for them?)... If they don't like how we 'present' them, they can say they have nothing to do with us, and if they do like how we 'present' them (and we guarantee to do a better job than Hotwheels), then everybody but the SJW hordes will be happy (but they're NEVER Happy!) Hey! At least it's an idea! Probably a better idea than letting 'Just-Kiss-It', 'THOT', 'REAL Killcen' and Johnny Neptune make up their own 'fake' interviews-with-Jim out of the troves of old material they have on him! lol NOT A THREAT! It's a promise. We're bored and have lost our shitposting playground. And that goes for thousands of others also. I wonder if the 'powers-that-be' thought of what might happen if the 'normie'-world was invaded by thousands of red-pilled individuals with nothing better to do than practice their own forms of authenticity?

'Dis gun be gud!

OK. It's looking like I'm going astray here, and am all over the map, but oftentimes that's the only way to describe the territory, and you'll see where I'm going with this soon enough. Some may think me too harsh on the cripple, or too harsh on Q-tards; others may think me not harsh enough. I have often been seen as too strident with 'persona-protectors' (part of their protection-racket is portraying Authenticity as a negative element to be squashed as the danger to personas that it is.) I think it is important to separate people from their actions (but not for the same reasons most people think it's important). You see, ALL IS VERB. Personas, like 'you' and 'I' do not exist in any REAL sense of the word, because 'we' are NOT 'Agency'. We actually are what we do. And what do we do? What can we do? We can only be a viewpoint -- a view on the whole. Is our viewpoint limited? Of course! And it's ever-changing too! Maybe we can't get a grasp on things because there is no'thing' to grasp! Oftentimes it is easier to describe the Infinite by defining it's limitations; language itself being a prime example. You may disagree with me on substance of ideas, belief structures, concepts of morality, or any number of things; but if we choose to be open to new perspectives, we often find that everybody sees everything and everyone as clearly as they can from their vantage point, all they can ever be is an ever-changing viewpoint, and that's ok. There is still much we may learn from each other. If we posit an Infinite Universe, then it logically follows that the 'center' of this boundless universe would literally be everywhere (yet nowhere to be 'found'). One cannot ever hope to measure the Here & Now, because no instruments are up to the task; especially considering that the Here & Now won't fucking stay still, and is Everywhere Everywhen! (Science actually agrees with this, but don't get me started on the 'religion' of 'science'!) Anyway, before I digress too far (>assumes he has not already digressed too far!...) I would like to describe why anonymity is important, and why anonymous image boards are vital in this day and age of 'Cancel Culture' and 'mob mentality', where deficits in critical thinking skills and abdication of personal responsibility are actually applauded as the new 'norm'. Nowadays, even Cancel Culture 'idiots' (don't get your dander up -- remember, nouns are merely convenient modes of expression) are finding out what it is like to be 'canceled' themselves, when their own views do not precisely align with the current mob-mentality (like anyone's view could, or ever would be the same as another!) Personas can be attacked -- and they constantly are. So, they are protected (like they matter anyway, being a temporary viewpoint and all). And 'round and 'round we go! So, we, as a society, seem to be coming to a head -- kinda like a giant zit. Folks who see themselves as 'victims' often become the worst kind of victimizers. It has been said, >"Seek and Ye Shall Find.", and that is true. But you will also invoke it's opposite. If you seek Truth, you will find lies. If you seek Equality you will find unfairness. If you seek Freedom you will find bondage. If you seek Goodness you will find 'evil'. So, what to do? If you do nothing, you're still doing something; so does it really matter what one does or doesn't do? Well, no. Frustrating, eh? It seems free will and predestination are the same thing after all. One cannot do anything but one's true will - and one will freely choose to do so every time -- because AUTHENTICITY Rules! Still, I have personally found some serenity in the Search itself, and hope you can too. BEING A SEEKER ROCKS! All is PLAY anyway. Why encumber oneself with preconceived notions and limiting belief structures? And why in the world would you EVER want to see yourself as a Victim of anything or anyone? Is that really how you choose to Identify yourself? Is that what 'Identity Politics' is all about? If you are the center of the Universe you better start acting like it! But don't think you're 'special' in that way. You're 'special' alright; just not in that way. The Center is Everywhere Everywhen, remember? So, get down off your high horse.


So, we've got problems. At least we can agree on that. And no one's gonna agree on what the problems are, or how to articulate what they are. We can probably also agree that many viewpoints will seem disagreeable from other vantage points. So what are the solutions? Well, yes, we have to articulate the problems as we describe possible solutions, because we have to start from where we are here and now. Certainly, if humans are even to survive as a species, division and hatred cannot hope to have such a prominent place in 'their' (giraffe, remember?) culture, (which is becoming ever more global in perspective by the moment). So, who benefits from divisiveness and separation? (((Who))) has ALWAYS benefitted?! Those who would divide, conquer and rule 'others', sucking off of others' energies and lifeforce, trampling authenticity in favor of conformity and control. Yup, Centralized Control of the masses by an elite few has ALWAYS been the bane of EVERY 'civilization'. And new technologies have ALWAYS risked disrupting and even imperilizing prevalent power structures until 'Centralized Control' reasserts it's ugly head yet again (if it is allowed to, and you know it usually is). I think 'we' should recognize the strengths and weaknesses of both centralized and decentralized approaches to social power structures, especially as they relate to authenticity and the societal encouragement of fulfillment of each viewpoint's full potential through personal responsibility and indispensable interaction with the whole. We cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater, no matter how naughty the baby, so FUCK YOU /leftypol/ and Antifa. No violent revolution for you today! I think we need to have open dialogue, but we, as a society, are not encouraging that. At least the power-grasping elites are not! No, it is pretty obvious that they are busying themselves meddling and exerting ever more overt control. Especially over the new forms of media and mass-communication. (Can't be havin' none o' that Peer-to-Peer shit now, can we?) There's always some third party wanting to insert itself into every relationship, even a relationship as sacred as our own relationship with All-That-IS! But their facade is crumbling, and they know it. Everyone can see them for who they are now. The elites in power have ALWAYS tried to control every means of communication among the masses, from the earliest times in history. Speaking of history, have you noticed that centralized control over public education has produced a couple generations who, by and large, know little to nothing of history? They are taught ideologies and identity politics, controlled through fear of the 'other' through encouragement of conformity and punishment of all independent thought, and made to think of themselves as victims in need of taking care of by the Nanny State. Again I digress. I'll try to get back on topic, but there really is much to say, and everything really does relate to everything else anyway -- quantumly entangled, as it were. Anyway, media of every sort has always been regulated throughout history, and curtailment of freedom of speech has been popular since the first woman rubbed charcoal all over a cave painting she found offensive and 'pornographic'. >inb4 I'm a misogynist... Many see them'selves' (their viewpoint) as 'better than' other viewpoints. We all do this at times. Some do it all the fucking time. Even me, sometimes! I ain't too afraid of your judgements to admit it! But I would be slaughtered in the court of public opinion if I were ever to express myself as the persona that society would force me to identify with! So, Just-Kiss-It! And yeah, Anonymity will only become more and more important the more that SJW mobs try to shut down freedom of speech -- and it will always find a way. Freedom always does. You see >The Slaves Shall Serve; but dominion can only be practiced from one viewpoint, so which viewpoints will you support with your viewpoints? More Separation? Division? Hatred? Fear? Blame? Abdication of All Personal Responsibility in favor of Centralized Control, Regulation and Conformity? The Slavers love that shit, because it makes it easier for them to control the slaves and profit off their energies. They offer slaves gifts, tell them they love them and are taking care of them and their children too, while violating them; and they tell them that they love it too, and that they should force everyone else to get the same raping they're continuing to freely choose to accept! Change is happening quickly, whether we like it or not. Who do you want to be in control for how the new technologies of the internet, blockchain, scientific endeavours, etc... are utilized? Just who is really responsible for guiding change toward positive and freeing perspectives? I think you know who is responsible; so, put on the fucking hat -- it's YOU.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. And so am I. We all are. We can no longer afford to Be-Lame by B-laming 'others'. Each of us is responsible for our own viewpoint, which is all we have, so cultivate it carefully.

Do we often 'err', or deviate from actions we, or others, find appropriate, 'proper', or even acceptable? Of Course! Do we want to be forever judged, castigated or permanently 'canceled' for something we said or did decades ago? Well, in today's society you will be -- and that is just plain wrong, and everybody knows it. Simple as that. Not an opinion. It's a fact. As much as I myself have been unwilling to accept some of the positive aspects of viewpoints I found disagreeable, I would like to offer a solution that every religion has found important throughout history (and you know I ain't much of a religionist!) It's the one thing I think we are lacking most in our society...

Protip: It ain't money or resources...


I can be a real asshole sometimes, and so can everybody else. Can't we just agree that we all act kinda fuckerdumb sometimes, and would really like to have other folks cut us a little more slack than they often do? Let me give an example. Some people allow themselves to actually 'feel' damaged in some way by words! Just-Kiss-It recently made a speech in Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, Oregon -- headquarters of Antifa in the USA -- on this very topic; in which he liberally used the word "NIGGER", mostly to refer to himself, for no other reason than the edification of the masses. You can watch it HERE...


It was not to purposely hurt anybody's feefees! Just-Kiss-It has no such power! It was to make a point. And if the point was lost on you because your feefees got in the way of you learning anything, then that's on you too! You see why anonymous image boards can be important? No? Let me explain. Any newfag going to a psuedonymous image board will immediately notice that the rules relating to persona no longer apply. Anonymity brings out the very best and the very worst in people. Name-calling is just part of the fun, terms of endearment really. You see, judging someone else's ideas, or their content requires thinking on your part. Much easier to call them a nigger or a faggot and be done with it; especially if they're acting like a fucking nigger! (Remember, nouns do not exist, except as a convenient mode of expression; and I find it very convenient to label you a nigger rather than argue with your ideas.)


So, the very best thing about pseudonymous image boards is that one is judged on the contents of one's posts, rather than on how one looks in one's profile pic, or how one chooses to carefully craft (or not!) one's online persona in an increasingly fake online world. Real discussions can be had without Fear of Permanent Social Reprisals for daring to express ideas outside-the-norm, or unacceptable to the conformist masses. And we need some new fucking ideas right now! We need a place where all ideas are on the table! We need to hash shit out and tell people exactly why the ideas they are expressing are utter shit, if that's what we think. Even Socrates would agree, but then (((they)))'d force him to take the hemlock again. And now they're doing it to everyone! [Do (((you))) want to create a problem where there isn't one merely over my use of brackets? That 'problem' would be on (((you))) so get out from behind that post!] If you want to use labels on others, make sure you know that they apply to yourself as well, especially if you are trying to create racism where it does not exist (because everyone is a 'raciss ebil nahtzee' in your mind) or you are giving off the impression that you are a victim in some way. ONE BECOMES THAT WHICH ONE HATES. 'Snowflakes' demanding that others respect their own personal pronouns will get BTFO (blown the fuck out) in a hurry. Yes, on pseudonymous image boards, nouns and pronouns are used in reference to other posters, but in a more playful way -- literally EVERYBODY is a fucking 'Faggot' (especially if they are the OP, or Original Poster of the thread) unless they can 'delivrar', which can only happen through some organic consensus in the thread -- until one has produced something 'of value', one is a 'faggot'. And pretty much everybody can be called a 'nigger' too. Part of the joy is to drive 'normies' away. This is not a playground for them, as they cannot abide. Their precious feefees get in the way. Of course, it's all utter hogwash, and that's the fun of it! If something you say moves another poster to refer to you as a 'colossal nigger', it is obviously up to you whether or not you want to take on that label for yourself and start treating yourself like a nigger! When one is already coming from a position of being at the bottom -- a 'nigger', or a 'faggot' -- one has nowhere to go but up in everyone's estimation, including one's own! And the image boards are merit-based (which is how life should be too!). If you can produce something of value to the group then they will express their gratitude, maybe even by reminding you that you are still, indeed, a mere faggot like the rest of us. That is why oldfags and newfags alike will always proudly wear the hat of Anonymity, and all the faggotry that goes with that. Yes, posting in there is often like pissing in an ocean of piss, but I have gleaned many pearls of wisdom sifting through mountains of diarrhea, and others have gleaned wisdom from my shitposts too.

>inb4 I've broken the first rule of 'Fight Club'

Fuck This. I sound like a complete faggot showing off what a nigger he is, describing chans to normalfags. Nothing more 'newfag' than that! Proof that even us 'oldfags' can sometimes lapse into 'newfriendery'! Still, I wanna wrap this article up, but I don't really 'feel' like saying anything more right now -- not in the mood. The immaturity displayed by the 'Media Entertainment Industrial Complex' (thanks, Steven Crowder for that term!) has really been getting me riled up lately! The thought of what young people have to look forward to horrifies me. A future where absolute conformity is enforced, because any deviation from the 'acceptable', which is pushed upon everyone by the media, is met with such fervor and vitriol that the only answer is to either cow down and conform; or rise up and be labeled as 'evil', 'racist', 'nazi', or whatever other unoriginal terms these name-calling schoolyard bullies come up with? And then people pretend to wonder where all the hatred and violence is coming from, when that is all they foster! Is that the future (((they))) really want? Do we want humans to hate humanity, and not only hope for the end to 'their' own existence, but work so vigorously toward accomplishing the extinction of the homo sapiens species? (Well, this is maybe where the giraffe should step out of the room...)


Yeah, I miss u guise too...

I can't very well leave you without a song or two now, can I? So, either click on 'WENNY' or 'Birds Aren't REAL' down below to pick your poison. (Protip: 'Just-Kiss-It' always recommends the pill that makes you smaller, but he is tall as fuck and few pay attention to his recommendations anyway...)

also... you're welcome for not drawing attention to the myriad of 'other' chans popping into and out of existence right now!








I think I'd rather be 'Anonymous'.

If you are still having trouble seeing that this current fake-moral-outrage-culture has gone too far, and that maybe only pseudonymous image boards can save us from falling prey to our own ever increasing stupidity as a species, I'll leave you with this...





So, Everybody CALM DOWN...

OK ?