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OK. I'm sometimes referred to as a T.H.O.T., as in 'That.Hen.Over.There.' Any other meanings for that acronym do not concern me, although some have suspected that I'm a girl. I would like to remind everyone that "THERE ARE NO GIRLS ON THE INTERNET." That does not mean "Rule 16" was ever a 'real' rule, you glorious faggots! You know I love you guise, but sometimes you make it pretty damn difficult to portray a female perspective on anything! Lighten up boys! Women don't hate men. They just don't get to meet a lot of them!

Now, I've just got to say that no one is more concerned with the constant barage of threats to everyone's freedom and the very real damages to meaningful public discourse that self-styled "feminists" have wrought upon us all with their antics than REAL Women are. What a mess we find ourselves in, where everyone is at each other's throats, including the sexes! It's almost like all this separation, division, anxiety and frustration has been orchestrated for some reason. Not that that matters to a little ole' biddy like me! REAL Hens are getting pecked at by other hens, often more than is acknowledged. I agree with 'Just-Kiss-It' that it is sometimes costly to stick one's neck out. Who knows what might happen! But that's no reason not to hold your head up high! ( >inb4... ) Seriously, though, I promise you won't feel hen-pecked around me; and, as you well know, chickens don't have teeth, so there is nothing to fear anyway, oh trembling 'Killcens' of da interwebz!


The viewpoint of 'That.Hen.Over.There.' is more free-range than penned in or controlled. She likes to have the freedom to wander where she wills, and she hasn't lived this long by being a complete idiot (despite rumors to the contrary). Chickens are actually quite smart! And loyal. They don't need a lot of rules, as they already know where the roost is. Every cock prefers a good laying hen, and 'my' rooster is no exception! lol (although we don't recognize 'ownership' labels.) CROW ON!

There are obviously dialogues that need to be opened up between the sexes. Everybody knows that. Few know how, at least in the public arena, nowadays. If my perspective can help, I'm willing to offer it. There are things I can say on here that I obviously can't say on 8chan, because some fat little virgin pussies with Cheetos falling out of their neck-beards might get their knickers in a knot for fear that I might be 'attention-whoring', or something equally as nefarious. The reason I like anonymity as it relates to freedom of speech is because I am judged on the content of my posts rather than what nice succulent breasts I might be willing to bare for the eager chaser after chicks. I'm no spring chicken, I know my way around the barnyard, and even if I sometimes sound like I'm 'scolding' you, chickens are often the first line of defense; so, at the risk of being called an 'attention-whore', I would suggest you PAY ATTENTION! There is much we can all learn from each other if we are willing to open up some actual dialogue. That reminds me... FREE & Open Source, baby! Squirrel!

It really stinks when skunks steal your eggs, or 'coons threaten your well-being, or some idiots decide to put the fox in charge of the henhouse, but 'free-range chicken don't care!' We don't waste space in our heads with fear porn or paranoia. We might squawk a bit when the cats try to swat at us or the pigs try to sit on us, but this hen is especially congenial to all, and expects to be treated the same.

I heard that Jim Watkins, owner of 8chan, didn't have the slightest idea who I am. I'm not sure if that's true or not, since I can barely believe 3% of what Johnny Neptune says, but if he has a problem with Johnny Neptune, I have no trouble understanding why. Case in point? HERE. I take everything Johnny says with a grain of salt, just like everyone (but Killcen) does. Not that he gets me salty or anything, he's more like something that gets stuck in one's craw, and I think Jim knows exactly what I mean. Whether anyone knows who I am, doesn't know who I am, or pays me any mind whatsoever won't get my feathers ruffled any which way. I'm just out to peck around and free-range wherever I may wander. Dropping grains of truth now and then won't be all I drop! I like to 'Drop It Like It's Hot'! (and yes, that could be a chicken shit reference)

I'll have some more to say about myself, my relationship with freedom, and the kinds of things I'll be doing with FreedomZine very soon. In the meantime, Enjoy FreedomZine!