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About Us:


Who Are We Anyway?

We're just some people trying to figure out who we are for ourselves; just like everyone else should be doing -- trying to figure out who they are, rather than trying to figure out who we are! Nonetheless, as fellow Seekers, we are also naturally curious! We'll try to dispel any myths about us here (either that, or try to create some!) This website pretty much got formed by accident and really has no specific defined purpose that we are able to articulate at this time. Seekers just GO. We are here to learn and enjoy life, and will freely share some of what we learn and enjoy, while having fun doing it. We're not against gaining some valuable life skills along the way too. (inb4 someone tries to 'teach' us some mad skillz just by being forced to deal with them!) Luckily, we actually wrote the book on that! Still, if you see us as some sort of adversary, maybe you need to look at yourself and question why you are choosing to be an Adversary of FREEDOM?

We love shitposting and giving rise to occasions where folks can think for themselves. We celebrate freedom while learning how to dance the delicately balanced choreography that freedom must needs employ in this modern clime, where most folks are focused on controlling other peoples' behavior rather than their own. We celebrate FREEDOM OF SPEECH and have been around the block a time or two with other folks who also do. We get it. Not everyone celebrates free speech. WE DO. So, if you don't, kindly FUCK OFF.

If anything we say or do offends you, either take it up on our 8chan discussion board over at


or if you really have your panties in a twist,

email us :.

We do plan on having our act much more together soon. Kinda just fell into this, remember? Most of the "content" on this site is just placeholders and temporary filler-stuff to help us figure out how to get everything to work on everybody's different devices, (or should I say mass-surveilliance-tools?) When we figure out what direction we're actually taking, you'll be the first to know! Lawd knows we barely have a clue! We would, however, like to do a little more than just bitch and moan about all the problems going on in the world. There's plenty of that going on already! There are also plenty of threats to freedom, and we we'll be pointing out some of the most egregious ones, but we want to take a more balanced approach than merely stoking the fires of anger and discontent, thus provoking more ire. There are many solutions being considered, and we will consider some here. Many ideas have come to the forefront throughout history during times of great social upheaval (and there can be little doubt we are in a time of great social upheaval right now). Many ideas have been tried and have failed. Some ideas haven't been tried. Many of the best ideas have never been merged with other good ideas. We'd like to explore some of these and other solutions to the very real problem that Freedom has with the current stranglehold upon it coming from almost every quarter. We welcome allies in this endeavor. There are many other people promoting freedom and we are happy to support them. We do not support any efforts to curb freedoms anywhere; although we understand having a balanced approach to everything in life is important. Having children can teach one that implementing some boundaries can be valuable! As adults, however, we do not want to be treated like children by other adults -- especially adults acting like children! (Sadly, some of those kind are in positions of 'authority'.) We realize that the vast majority of sheeple behave like little more than children. They are, after all, products of a contrived educational and social system. Many have not chosen to break the mold and most never will. We also understand why common rules for conduct must be made, but we will not chafe under anyone else's "rule", as we do not recognize anyone else's rule! We only recognize one law -- Common Law: "Don't harm other living beings or take their shit. If someone can prove harm to themselves or their "actual property" (oh yes, we'll have a discussion on that topic!) then they can seek damages through whatever "authority" they recognize against whoever they can prove harmed them. Then that authority can attempt to seek redress. Having agreed-upon authorities is very helpful in that regard, but you also know how it is when everyone is Royalty!

Oh, you don't? Well, stick around us. We'll show you how it is!

We are ALL Royalty here! Royal pains in the ass! You're welcome to join us if you want.

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