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FreedomZine Ad Space

So, You'd Like to Contact Us... WHY?

If you desire to comment on anything presented herein, please join a discussion in one of the threads on our Imageboard: https://8ch.net/freedomzine/. If you don't know how to use an anonymous imageboard, just start at the CATALOG @ 8ch.net/freedomzine/catalog.html and remember that Freedom pretty much means 'anything goes' sometimes in some places, and that would be one of those places. If it's legal, feel free to post it. We do! If something we said invoked some inner anger within you, there's really no need to waste your time writing an email if it's only to make yourself feel better. Your complaint may be valid, and if we think it is, we may take it into consideration; however, we may also post any portion in any forum of our choosing; either as a badge of honor, or merely to poke fun!

If you're salty about some perceived slight related to "Copyright" concerns, you should probably join a discussion or start one on our Imageboard. We'll be talking about Copyright very soon, and will link to that article here. For now, the semi-brief synopsis is that if you cannot prove harm to yourself then you should, kindly, fuck off. If you believe Copyright Law should be used as a weapon, then lighten up! That's not a war where anybody actually wins. Everybody is in this thing together, and we can work with each other for the benefit of all. We can share ideas, tools, and art. We don't have to let our own egoic concerns (or corporate concerns) stand in the way of REAL Progress. We support the Free & Open Source community, and encourage you to do the same. SUPPORT FREEDOM! If you don't even know what that means, you should probably get yourself hip. We'll have an article on that soon too! In a nutshell, Selfishness is never about the 'Greater Good'.

We don't waste our time trying to control 'other' people. We have a hard enough time trying to control ourselves! So, don't even ask us to try to control "Presenters" like Johnny Neptune, or Killcen. If they seem a little 'out of control' to you, maybe that is just your perspective.

Remember, oftentimes Being 'In Control' and Being Truly FREE are on opposite sides of the coin!

Speaking of coin, you are more than welcome to donate us some coin, if you like what we're doing and want to support Freedom! Cryptocurrency addresses will be posted here very soon. We believe blockchain technologies will disrupt the status quo in positive ways and support anything that might help break the stranglehold Central Banks have on us all.

As for buying advertising space, at the moment we're only set up for donations, and will also do trades for goods, services or webspace; so email if you have any ideas you'd like to share with us.

Donation Addresses:

FreedomZine Bitcoin Address: 1FREedomduSM9h6eAVWuUiuaZ5nCY6v2MV

(Yes, 1FREedom...!) 1FREedomduSM9h6eAVWuUiuaZ5nCY6v2MV

Neptune Bitcoin Address: 1NeppyBdxocUMvkXyiLPNgYkz7CmbG6uzG

(Yes, 1Neppy...!) 1NeppyBdxocUMvkXyiLPNgYkz7CmbG6uzG

Susucoin: SZdtfkxQpPFwm9MJFUH9MQipruiEjJToGZ SZdtfkxQpPFwm9MJFUH9MQipruiEjJToGZ

What Is Susucoin? https://susukino.com

If you still want to Email us:


Email Address: FreedomZine@tutanota.com
based in North America
Phone: Unlikely to Post


Imageboard: https://8ch.net/freedomzine/
Threads: https://8ch.net/freedomzine/catalog.html
Phone the President:
Call: 202-456-1111
and Laugh! 202-456-1414