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Johnny Neptune


Johnny Neptune is the name I choose to call myself, and most people, including my own mother, have been calling me either Johnny Neptune, or 'Neppy', for almost half a century. Yes, It's a persona. Yes, it's contrived. Aren't all personas 'contrived'? Many people spend their lives attached to the personas provided for them by circumstance. I choose to create my own persona, like we all actually do, really. At any given moment, I can be as attached or detached from said persona as I choose to be. In fact, at this present moment I'm busy being a complete asshole over on 8ch/n/, as per usual, and I suspect that someone at FreedomZine (probably 'Just-Kiss-It') has taken this opportunity to "steal" my persona and use it for his own ends. Anyone can do this to anybody really; and taking on other peoples' personas is often easier than taking on one of your own, especially if said persona has already developed a history of being, shall we say, 'vexatious', and one wishes to present a particular front at a certain time for a certain reason.

Neptune Approved News

I like to have fun, and am getting really tired of 'Debbie Downers' like the FAKE 'Killcen' that has been losing his ever-lovin' mind on 8ch/n/ for the past several years. No amount of perpetual shitposting by me or anyone else ever seems to touch his deep-seated paranoia and fear about pretty much, well, everything! When 'Just-Kiss-It' asked me if I wanted to contribute anything of value to FreedomZine, and I realized that Killcen was associated, I almost decided to tell him to scrub my ballsack with his chin. He swears, however, that the 'Killcen' working with FreedomZine is not nearly as addicted to fear porn as the particular 'Killcen' who spends every day drunkenposting on 8ch/n/; so I've decided that maybe I might be able to help these complete fucking idiots here on FreedomZine make even bigger fools of themselves than they're already doing of their own accord. I'll be happy to stick around and sling shit on the walls, bringing everyone back to what I consider 'reality', just as long as I enjoy myself doing it.

If you like the work I've been doing, feel free to toss me some coin. I have my own Bitcoin Address, and even though I fully support FreedomZine, I am all about ME! So hook me up! Would I even be Johnny Neptune if I didn't have a "vanity" bitcoin address? lol

Address: 1NeppyBdxocUMvkXyiLPNgYkz7CmbG6uzG

Neppy QR Code

I heard that Jim Watkins, owner of 8chan, didn't like me very much. I'm not sure if that's true or not, since I can barely believe 3% of what Killcen says, but if he has a problem with me I have no trouble releasing his latest media test-results HERE. I will just continue shitposting wherever I want, so any drama between Jim and Killcen is between them. I don't know why Killcen keeps pretending to be me and says all those mean things about Diana. I joined forces with FreedomZine hoping to keep Killcen from ruining the wonderful bastion of free speech that 8chan is with all his fear porn and incessant paranoid ramblings.

I'll have some more to say about myself, my relationship with freedom, and the kinds of articles I'll be writing for FreedomZine very soon. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy my acerbic wit, because you'll be getting a bunch more of it whether you like it or not! Deliberate Destabilization Incoming!