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On the Rampant Divisiveness and Separation in Society

May 1, 2019

How I Ruined Mother's Day, and What that has to do with the Price of Tea in China

When an event horizon is crossed, it seems there is no going back. One must simply go through. ('simple' is as 'simple' does though, eh?) No amount of wishing or striving will arrest the momentum of the proceeding. It is a leaving of one space and a moving into another. Stress, frustration, ill health and anger can all influence emotional event horizons, both on a personal and society-wide level; sometimes surging forth into uncontrollable rage and chaotic fury. ((Any 'Butterfly-Effect' catalyst could set it off.) A phrase from an old Rick Nelson song just popped into my mind, '...As anger starts it's empty rise, a flower opens gently by, Goodbye, so long...' Yes, I'm going to recommend you listen to it by clicking here! And that's just how reading this article will be! It'll definitely be all over the map, but I promise it'll get tied together with a neat little bow at the end, if you can bear with the seeming meanderings and verbosity long enough to make it that far! Why even speak of endings at the beginning of an event, or beginnings at the end of an event anyway? Well, for starters, beginning at the end assures one of finally arriving! Besides, there is too little actual dialogue nowadays. Everyone has the need to express oneself effectively, but that is often difficult. At least it is for me. And this article is going to get personal. Most things worth writing are. I'm often better at communicating via the written word than in verbal discourse. There's more time to think of what to say, rather than just blurt out some unrelated nonsense delivered with all the power of whatever strong emotions are prevalent at the time. Anger has it's place, and value. It's in its expression where harm can occur, and why healing on both a personal and society-wide level is sometimes in order. So, let's get to it now, shall we? (If only it were that easy.) When the joy of the present is eclipsed by the inability to express one's grievances effectively in a world where that is becoming increasingly impossible, the results can be cascadingly catastrophic and sometimes even violent, as the recent events in NZ demonstrated. [Full Disclosure: the author of this article has spent many years lurking and posting on anonymous image boards, especially 8chan, so the chances of him showing his power level by saying something offensive in the presence of 'normies' is astronomical. Also, he is a white male, and wants you to know that in case you hate white males, so you will be able to get all your hatred fully buffered up in anticipation. He also often refers to himself in the third person, or as a 'persona' ]. What does that have to do with the price of Tea in China? The author wishes he could presently say, "KEEP READING TO FIND OUT!" Alas, he is also a single parent with daughters, and at this time of year, he continues to find other priorities crop up besides getting this article finished! But in the meantime...

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  1. Shitposter #1

    I did not think it was possible for you to relate almost everything to everything else, yet still fail to show how any of this relates to the price of tea in China!

    1. FreedomZine

      Yeah, I obviously don't have this article posted yet. Some other things came up, but it is on it's way... It is amazing just how interconnected everything truly is. Playing with personas and anonymity are good ways to remind one of this in a world that is increasingly trying to force everybody to attach to and identify with particular heavily controlled personas. When presenting personas it is quite useful to separate one's statements from one's communications with others about one's statements. Because anonymity often brings out the very best and the very worst in people, we consider anonymous image boards like 8chan to be extremely useful for freedom of speech. We therefore hope to foster a lively FreedomZine Discussion Area over at https://8ch.net/freedomzine/catalog.html (Pleeze Don't Nuke Us, Ron! We'll be 'good'!)


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