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Are You Fucking Serious?

May 1, 2019

No, Seriously... You're Free to do what you want! We just don't choose to have any social media at this time. Well, we can't really speak for Johnny Neptune. He is the most likely of us to have social media links, and if he feels like sharing them, then we'll have those links actually go somewhere besides this page.

In the meantime, put up with a short diatribe on the Evils of Social Media...


FAKEBOOK? TWATTER? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? Don't get us started! Nah. Seriously. We'll have an article on Social Media and it's impact on Freedom real soon, and will link to it here; so watch for it!

If Johnny Neptune has anything to add, I'm sure he will, and if any of the rest of us want to start posting social media contacts or links, we'll all feel free to do so. In the meantime, enjoy some art and music!

Yeah, even Google wants you to prove you're 'Free Enough', according to an arbitrary age requirement, to click on this video "FAT FADED FUCK FACE", by Die Antwoord, so that's why we're linking to HookTube instead, besides the fact that we don't want to support Google ad revenue any more than we have to!

Alrighty then... We'll have more to say about ourselves and our relationships with Social Media in the near future. Until then... Adios!